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M. Plonsky



My day job is a professor. I became interested in imaging in 1989 when I began using a computer/projector to present my lectures. I started scanning images and learned my way around the digital darkroom. I took an interest in photography in 2001. Thus, I was weaned on digital photography.

If there is any theme to my work, it's that I tend to photograph living things. Nature is beautiful and I like to capture it. I especially enjoy macro photograophy because you get to see what we ordinarily cannot. I also particularly enjoy creating images of dogs.

My images have been published in various sources. Below is a partial list emphasizing educational usage.

Print Magazines

Digital Photographer -Ukrainian Edition.  (8/2007). Three insect images and an interview included in an article in which four macro photographers were interviewed.

P.M. Perspecktive. (4/2006). Dragonfly image in an article in a popular German Magazine.

Sport Fishing.  (5/2005).  Stable Fly, Deer Fly, Wasp, and Bee images in an article about stinging insects.

Photo Life: The Art, Culture, & Science of Photography (1/2005).  Getting up close and personal with insects by M. Plonsky (article & 9 images), pps. 66-70. Canadian Magazine.


Whitlock, M. & Schluter, D. (2008). The Analysis of Biological Data. Caterpillar image. Roberts & Company Publishers, CO.

Bugs! Box Elder. (2008). Box elder bug image for a children’s book. ABDO Publishing Co., Edina, MN. 

Eodice, L. (2008). Photos That Inspire. Mosquito image along with explanation of how it was taken.  NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Canadian Bugs. (2007). Grasshopper image included in this children’s book.  Scholastic Canada Ltd., Toronto, ON.

Takken, W. (2007). Beten en Steken. Stable Fly image included in this book about biting insects. Tirion Natuur, Nederland.

Weston, C. (2007). Lighting. Ladybug image included in this “how to” photography book. AVA Publishing, Switzerland.

Eaton, E. R. & Kaufman, K. (2007). Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America. Two insect images included.  Hillstar Editions, LLC., distributed by Houghton Mifflin, Co., NY.      

Science -A sixth grade textbook. (2006). Two grasshopper images with one as the front cover and one as the inside front cover. Harcourt School Publishers.

Clements, J. (2005). A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Close-up Photography.  Hoverfly image with detailed explanation of how it was taken and developed. AVA Publishing, Switzerland.

Technical Publications

Donated several tick images to the Torrington Area Health District Lyme Disease Prevention Program which they have used for their publications. (2007).

Anderson, R. R. & Harrington, L. C. (2006). Tick Biology for the Homeowner (3 images). Cornell Cooperative Extension, Suffolk County, N.Y.  Insect and Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

Lindsay, S. W. & Hutchinson, R. A. (2006). West Nile virus surveillance in the UK, III. A image of a mosquito.  University of Durham, UK.


A collection of 15 insect images in the science/nature galleries at (2007). Virgin Media, London, UK (one of the top five Internet Service Providers in the United Kingdom).

Insect Macro Photography (2004) - a pictorial essay for

Insect Macro Photography (2003) - a brief discussion with some pictures for

Photographer Profile - (2003) Nature Photographers Online Magazine


Seven insect images on display at the Audubon Insectarium. (2006). Audubon Nature Institute, New Orleans, LA.

Biography of a Bug Photographer (Thanx Shoe):

Favorite Gangster:

Bugs Moran

Favorite 70’s ABA player:

Fly Williams (Spirits of St. Louis )

Favorite Shakespeare Quote:   

“Two Bees or not Two Bees”

Favorite NBA Team:

Charlotte Hornets

Favorite TV Character:

Ant Bea (Mayberry)

Favorite Ex-NY Giant:

Spider Lockhart

Favorite Mode of Travel:

Horse & Buggy

Favorite Baseball Rule:

Infield Fly

Favorite Movie:

Cockroach Orange

Favorite Cocktail:


Favorite WWII Plane:


Favorite Rock & Roll band:

The Beatles

Favorite Action Hero:


Favorite First Lady:

Ladybug Johnson

Favorite Singer:

Gnat King Coal

Favorite River in Ukraine :


Favorite GWTW Actress:

Butterfly McQueen

Favorite Tractor:


Favorite 50’s song:

Squish Squash I Was Taking a Bath

Favorite Dormitory:

Roach Hall

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